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Cat Trapping & Sterilisation Network
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Menoosh was sitting under a broken down car using bits of litter to keep her warm, I discovered her when looking for the above address.  A very kind lady came out to help me.  She told me that Menoosh had arrived about 2 years ago, she doesn't belong to anybody and survives off scraps that she is fed by the people living there.  Menoosh had her umpteenth litter of kittens on the Saturday but they all died, probably due to wet and cold weather. Without further ado, I bundled her up and put her into one of my traps.  She didn't object, just sat in the trap and looked at me with a look of "what now". 

Menoosh was sterilised, she has a congenital abnormality of her one front leg but the vet feels that it is not necessary to operate on it.  She is in a foster home at the moment and would love to be somebody's companion.

These photos were taken in Belhar.  12 Blocks of council flats together in a small area. A resident got our phone number out of some Government newspaper.  When I arrived, there were about thirty dogs running about - some puppies.  A few cats here and a few over there.  When I eventually found the address and loaded up the lady's cats she told me that there were hundreds of unsterilised dogs and cats living in and around the flats.

This lady is going to make a list of all the cats that need to be done and when we have made
headway with the cats we will commence sterilising the female dogs initially and then do the

Dancers love Dogs (and cats) sponsored the sterilisation of 50 cats.

Thank you to Brigette and all her Dancers and volunteers who worked so hard on this project.

Tabitha was found at Retreat Station.  She
was very thin and couldn't move.  She was taken to the Cat Trapping vet who did an xray and her leg was broken.  A decision was made to assist her because she was so friendly and lovable.  She was kept at cage rest for a few days and given good, nutricious food.  The vet then sterilised her and put her leg into a cast.

She is still at the vet but is available for a kind, loving home, preferably no dogs or with an old dog who won't be rough and hurt her.

This is a cat that was adopted out from Maynard Street at the beginning of the year.  The owner phoned and the cat was brought in for sterilisation.

(Thank you to Sue Hales who found her kittens responsible homes)

We managed to trap and sterilise 14 cats from a home in Maitland.
We have returned all the cats but I'm hoping that people will see the photos and want to give these cats a home.  The lady is happy to have them all back but the feeding etc is a struggle for her and she is happy for me to find them good homes.

This is a female feral siamese lookalike who lives in the grounds of Vincent Palloti Hospital. We come across this fairly often. People buy a pedigreed male cat for breeding and show purposes so they do not sterilise. If a feral female goes on heat in the area, the male will obviously seek her out and mate.

Cat Trapping is then asked to trap the female and rescue the kittens.

A little kitten which we managed to rescue from a drug dealer in the Wynberg area.

The kitten was sterilised and homed.

This beautiful cat lives in the grounds of the Somerset Oaks Retirement Village in Somerset West.

The elderley folk feed these cats but the cats are all wild.

This female lives in Bright Street in Somerset West. Cat Trapping is assistting in Somerset West because there are no trappers or expertise in this area.

She has been
sterilised and returned to her colony.

The other sibling living at Somerset Oaks Retirement Village.

The other feral living in the grounds of the Somerset Oaks Retirement Village.

These cats have been sterilised and returned to their colony there.

Another female trapped in Bright Street Somerset West.

She has been sterilised and returned to her colony.

This female cat lives in the recycling depot in Welgelegen.

She has also been sterilised and returned to act as their mouser/ratter.